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Great! There’s an anthology of essays addressing this age-long question, Why We Write. And the essays are by 20 successful writers discussing why and how they go about their work; edited by Meredith Maran.

Huffington Post published an excerpt by Jodi Picoult.

“Jodi Picoult’s Wisdom for Writers:

  • Take a writing course. It’s how you’ll learn to get and give feedback, and it’ll teach you to write on demand.
  • There’s no magic bullet that’ll make you a success. If you write because you want to be rich, you’re in the wrong business. Write because you can’t not write, or don’t write at all.
  • Write even when you don’t feel like writing. There is no muse. It’s hard work. You can always edit a bad page, but you can’t edit a blank page.
  • Read. It’ll inspire you to write as well as the authors who came before you.”

                                                                               – HuffPost Social Reading

You can read the rest of the excerpt on Huffington Post. Just Click to FOLLOW the link.

Resource material from  Huffington Post.

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